Voice and choice

iconik gives clients a rich toolkit for engaging with the companies they own.

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Take stock

Every client is different. iconik VoteForge allows clients to create personalized voting profiles to match their values, engaging with issues that matter to them and skipping the ones that don’t.

Easy to use

Set it and forget it

It only takes minutes to create an iconik voting profile that automatically votes shares to match values across a portfolio or group of portfolios.

Product screenshot
Product screenshot


Clear Impact Reporting

As shares are voted, iconik reports election results, organized in the subject areas clients care about. Shareholder proposals passed, directors unseated - elections offer a clear way to understand the impact that a voting profile is having.


Smart defaults

Some clients may feel strongly about a set of issues, but want the rest of their votes to follow management’s recommendations. iconik’s Cascading Voting Rules allow clients to easily set intelligent defaults that can be overridden by more specific preferences.

Product screenshot
Product screenshot


Built-in Transparency

You can always check how iconik is auto-voting shares, and make changes if you like.

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