How it Works

Advisors whose portfolios include stocks and mutual funds - for example in separately managed accounts - can use iconik to engage, attract, and retain clients.


Create profile

Advisors or clients create personalized voting profiles using iconik VoteForge, a system of adaptive microsurveys organized in sixteen topical areas. Weigh in on the issues that matter and skip the ones that don’t. You can use intelligent voting defaults to easily broaden a profile’s coverage.



When you’re ready, flip on auto-voting and iconik does the rest. Users choose how involved they want to be…everything from “set it and forget it” to monthly summaries or notifications for important votes.


Get reports

iconik visualizes how each portfolio’s voting power is being exercised to support the investor’s values, reporting impact in the areas investors have identified as important. For example: shareholder proposals on climate change that passed, or directors elected (or defeated).

Options for Advisors

Option 1


Clients create their own personalized voting profiles.

Option 2


Advisors create a voting profile for their firm, which covers proxies for all client accounts.

Option 3

Hybrid model

Advisors create a voting profile for their firm, but invite select clients to create their own customized profiles that override the default.

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