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iconik is a $0 commission stock trading platform that makes it easy to use your stock to support causes that matter.

Get up to $350 in free stocks.  

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New York Times

“Using iconik, small shareholders could [have] the same clout as a large institution.”

Business Insider

“iconik makes the process of investors voting their shares easier, and helps retail investors leverage their holdings in shareholder campaigns.”


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How does it work?

Shares in publicly held companies typically come with voting rights. Most people don’t vote their shares, so hedge funds and other institutional investors get to call the shots.

Let’s change that.


Easy, $0-Commission stock trading to put your money to work. Get started with fractional shares for as little as $1.⋆

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iconik hosts campaigns to push companies on issues like climate change, equity, and governance. New campaigns are constantly being added.

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iconik makes it easy to use your shareholder votes to support campaigns. Your shares, your voice.

You are in control

You're in control.

iconik is a full-fledged trading platform where you can do all of your usual (non-campaign) trades as well. Always $0 commission.⋆⋆

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